72 hours later

Yesterday was my first day to “attempt” a workout after completing 2 Spartans in almost 12 hours.


It has been my experience that the first 48-72 hours after some very physically demanding event that you REALLY feel the pain. This is more accurate for beginners or someone who doesn’t workout frequently. I have been cranking it out since 1994 and rarely get sore. However, this proved to be the exception.


Here’s my current timeline and how my pain has progressed and lingered.

-Friday night 6:30-10:30. Thought I was going to fall over dead before I made it home. Had basically decided I would not run again the next morning.

-Saturday morning I felt much better than expected. I really overestimated my manliness at this point. I fooled myself into thinking running again was a good idea….WRONG!

-Sunday…..I really can barely remember Sunday. I left the house around one and ate a giant burger and then came straight back home.


-Monday I still had a bit of a hitch in my giddy up. I was feeling slightly better but nowhere near ready to attempt a workout. By that evening, the flumonia that I had contracted while reenacting the “Leo drowning in the ocean” scene from Titanic was in full swing.

-Tuesday I had to go back to work. Other than the eboli virus that I was rocking, I felt ok. Still a little tired and sore but I was attributing that to the cold.

So, I decided to try a workout. Holy cow….I felt like a girlie man FO SHO. My shoulders hurt. I could barely bench press. My elbows hurt. Every exercise I tried hurt. I quickly finished a total body circuit and was going to just jog it out. HA!!!

I didn’t even know my legs were still sore until I started running. The front of my thighs felt like they were ripping with each step. I only made it about 0.6 miles and I quit. I just quit.


At first I was real down on myself for stopping like I did. But I did SOMETHING. Which is more than most folks can say. It reminded me of an inspirational poster that I saw earlier that day:



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